Friday, February 4, 2011


There's a huge demonstration on campus today. Thousands of students are protesting, walking around and crowding in the center of campus. Luckily I'm about a 20 minute walk from all the commotion. I was advised by one of the administrators that there is a possibility of violence, so I must stay inside my house all day.

This happens about once a year, and the administrators agree that students usually have very good reasons for going on strike. It's the only way for their voices to be heard by the government. I think they are upset about the government allowance. Part of their tuition fees are reimbursed to them monthly so they can afford food. Sometimes the government doesn't give them money at all, or significantly reduces the allowance. In these cases, many students must sell their belongings in order to afford a meal.
Nearly every time the students have gone on strike, they get what they want. It seems unruly, but I guess it gets things done...


  1. I will be completely gray by the time you return home!!
    I know you will be safe but I have to say it anyway, "be careful".
    I love you!

  2. I'm always careful!! ok, maybe not. But I was very safe. I didn't leave my house until the strike was over today. They said it was ok to walk around, but to be very observant because they aren't sure what the next actions will be. I'll keep you posted. Love you guys!

  3. lucky for mom, my company sells hair dye, i'm sure i can hook her up with a discount.

    i think you should join the revolution. it would make for a very interesting next post, no?