Sunday, January 30, 2011


Monkeys run around this campus like squirrels back home. I always see them in packs of 5-15, although I'm sure there are more hiding in trees or bushes that I don't notice.

I've been warned that the male monkeys tend to pick on female humans. Seems crazy, right? They will actually taunt women because they expect them to scream and get all frazzled, yet they don't go anywhere near the men.

One of the first days, I walked outside and there were monkeys in the driveway! I wasn't sure if they would attack me or if they were harmless. So I ran back inside to ask Neema, the maid, for some help. She laughed at me (as usual when I get freaked out by the wildlife) and then showed me how to scare them off. If you pretend to pick up a rock and throw it at them, they usually run away. Monkeys aren't afraid of me... I'm working on a really scary yell and intimidating body language, but so far it hasn't worked.

Today there was a monkey brawl right outside my window! They started off climbing on top of the house and dangling outside the windows. I had a nice view of this guy while eating breakfast.

One of the big monkeys was picking on two babies as they tried to climb a tree. Three older monkeys saw this and began attacking the bully. It was unbelievable! I should've filmed it for Discovery Channel or NatGeo.

Another monkey was playing with the clothesline. He kept grabbing at my brother's shirt until he completely ripped it down from the line. Then he started running away with it!

Neema and I rushed outside and scared them away before they stole all the laundry.  


  1. They could be like the gnomes in Harry Potter. All you need to do to get rid of em is pick them up by the tail, swing them around a bunch, and let go hahaha.

  2. took jimmy's clothes to africa with you?

  3. not quite... that's a good point though. i'll tell you all about my Tanzanian family soon.

  4. I can send you a TFP bar and you could play wack a monkey! I can see you trying to scare them off and the monkeys laughing up a storm. Can I suggest a TASER possibly??

  5. I have a better idea, John. Send me all the DR Joseph files and I'll feed them to my little friends. They'll be so repulsed that they'll never bother me again! Even monkeys can't handle all the ink from those corrections

  6. i like this. i have nothing else to say... it's just great. loves it